Listening to God and Hearing His Voice

How do you help a friend who does not want to listen? One thing I hear most from people is that they don't know how to listen to God. It's not about being able to hear Him, because He is always speaking, it's about not recognizing His voice. The problem is that for some reason people seem to thing that God is somehow more like them then the rest of the world. They also believe that God thinks a lot like they do. That is why people are always listening for the wrong voice.... their own! God is so different from you, and His answer is equally different from yours. God talks, you just don't always care for what He has to say, so you dismiss Him without even knowing. He sees you going down the wrong path, but you won't listen! He is all around you, telling you in thousands of ways what His plans are for you, but you don't agree with them, so again you dismiss them. Stop thinking like you! Let go of yourself and that will release your limitations. Believe in what He has to say! If you pay attention, there are things all around you, pointing you in the right direction. Consider those things God's messengers, and know that sometimes people are those messengers too. Just figure out who and what to listen to, and remember, you know a tree by it's fruit, so eventually all of God's messengers are recognized.

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