The Knowledge of Good and Evil

How do we know that God is good, if we don’t know what good is, and if we don’t know what God is? How can we know that God is supposed to be good, if we don’t know what evil is? Why would we ever ask the question, unless we didn’t know the answer? The only way to not know the answer is to not be able to see the truth, and to believe that there is another possibility: the possibility of evil, and the possibility of a lie. Before being lied to by Samuel, Adam and Eve did not know what a lie was because they had no evil, and such a lie was evil. It was evil because it allowed us to get hurt by doubting God. Doubting that a fire will burn you is the only thing that allows you to burn yourself, and therefore that doubt is evil. Samuel could not hurt us directly, so he needed us to hurt ourselves. Adam and Eve had to be shown what evil was in order to doubt God and to ask if God was really good and not evil. God felt that was a necessary question, so He allowed it. He allowed it in order to show us what good really is. He showed us what good really is, by letting Yeshua die for us which was the ultimate good. Yeshua died in order to show us what righteousness is and to save us from the evil of not knowing whether God was really good or evil. We needed the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, to know that there was a difference. Knowing that both good and evil are possible is the only way to ask if God is good or evil. Only by asking the question, can we know the answer. Yeshua died to show us the answer.

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